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Welcome to the official website of p. Baldo Alagna


Missionary preacher and Catholic priest, P. Baldo Alagna has worked for more than 30 years in proclaiming the Gospel. He is incardinated as a priest in the Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon in France where he is chaplain of the Notre Dame Institution and La Farlède Prison. He is very involved in preaching, in social networks, with young people and the sick. The ministry of announcing the Good News took him from Sicily where he was born throughout Europe, to the Holy Land, to Africa, to the USA. He preaches in three languages English, Italian and French through which he has announced the gospel in 28 different countries. He loves Christian unity and peace of hearts.

P. Baldo is available for missions, preaching, retreats, training with the objective of hastening the awakening of Christ's disciples and increasing the quality of life of Christians.  Whatever your needs, do not hesitate to communicate with him through this site or on social networks.

p. Baldo Alagna et Pape François - Pentecôte 2013
“Real Christian leaders are not looking for followers. Followers are the ones who are attracted to real Christian leaders!”

Baldo Alagna

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